About Hvar

Just take it all in!

Although the island has been inhabited since pre-historic times, the city of Hvar gained its fame and power in medieval times as a major naval base of Venetian Empire. Witnessing dramatic journeys and legendary scenes of tense naval battles, Hvar certainly had a turbulent past, but today it's the ultimate holiday site, focused on the wishes and demands of its numerous visitors.

Boundless optimism and hospitality of its inhabitants, great cuisine, crystal clear sea, plenty of sunshine, and a seductive scent of pine trees, wild rosemary and lavender are just few reasons why Hvar was declared the fifth most attractive destination in the world for year 2012 according to Lonely Planet travel guide.

Stunning architecture that whispers historical mysteries on every step, excellent restaurants, bars, night clubs and bars placed on numerous beaches with hidden coves and breathtaking natural environment, make this place a unique oasis of pleasure and relaxation for always welcome guests of all ages.